Mount Barker, South Australia

We provide valuable digital content creation services to businesses and brands. This includes real estate photography and videography, brand storytelling, product promotions, event coverage, and sports photography. With our services, businesses can gain brand recognition, build trust, and stay top of mind. For example, I create engaging videos that showcase a property’s features and generate leads for real estate professionals, and I boost a brands profile via thought provoking and emotive call to action videos paired with captivating stills.

Brands and businesses who are looking to enhance their online presence and engage with their target audience are the ideal clients for MatWin Media. Real estate professionals who want to boost the visibility of their listings and generate leads, event organisers who want excellent coverage of their prime moments, and businesses who want to create valuable digital content for their brand are some examples of our clients.

Customers may face problems such as not being able to effectively showcase their properties to potential buyers, struggling to create engaging content for their brand, or not having professional coverage of their events. They may desire to have visually appealing and informative content that captivates their target audience. For instance, a real estate agent may face the problem of low visibility of their listings and desire to generate more leads through compelling visuals. A business may want to increase exposure with relatable content to build trust with their audiance.

To start working with MatWin Media, clients will follow these steps:- Communicate your project brief and desired outcomes to us.- We will tailor a visual package based on your needs.- Schedule filming at a time and location specified by you.- Once filming is complete, we start the editing process.- You will have up to 2 revisions of the edit included in the package.- Once the final edit is agreed upon, we will provide you with download links or post the content directly to your social platforms.

Additionally, it is important to note that MatWin Media offers drone videography, aerial perspectives, and cinematic creations to add elegance and uniqueness to the content we create.